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We are a group of High Country locals dedicated to providing you the best of what’s going on across our beautiful mountain region of Western North Carolina.  You can connect with us any way you please:  Desktop, Email, Mobile App, Social Media, or Text.  We are sure to always keep you in the loop, and provide the most unique insight to this area we love.  We hope you enjoy and invite you to visit every day to discover something new.
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Seasons Change, but some things never do.  High Country 365 has dedicated so many hours to finding the best events.  Our region is known for its unique annual events.  Click here to find out the best of what’s going on down the road and right now.  The High Country 365 Events Calendar has become known as the place to go to find the Best of what’s going on.

We Know All The Best Places

To be blunt…we don’t miss many meals!  Our waistline may not agree, but trust us, this is great news for you.  We have taken great care and attention to find the best deals and dining across The High Country.  Click here to learn how you can be a part of the #Eats365 movement.


Who doesn’t love a good deal?  We have taken the time to talk with the best businesses around the High Country.  Take advantage of a daily, weekly, or everyday special.  This section changes often, so make sure you come back for a visit before you go out again.

Beauty Surrounds You

No one knows these roads and country like we do.  Our staff has over 60 years of experience in exploring the nooks and crannies of the Blue Ridge. Leave it to us to help you plan the perfect hike, nostalgic picnic, or event packed weekend.  We have spent hours and hours interviewing one another and many around our community to help you have an epic excursion.  Find out how you can #adventure365.

Enjoy Your Stay

Relaxing is a state of mind.  Scouring all of the best lodging accommodations in this area is not easy, but it is an effort you will be thankful for we.  Let us help you find the perfect locale for your stay and #relax365.

Shop Till You Drop

The High Country offers a variety of unique shopping experiences. From local, handmade pottery to the perfect dress the High Country has everything you want (or need). Let us help you plan the perfect shopping experience that fits your budget to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Your Guide to the High Country

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We Work For You…

We are a brand that was created for many reasons, but mostly for our love for the High Country. And we’d love to help you!


You’re extremely lucky if you get to live in this beautiful place and we’d love to help you enrich your life here in the High Country. We keep track of the best events happening in the High Country so you can pick and choose where you want to spend your time.

Local Business

Looking for a unique way to promote your business? Or need help branding yourself? Let us help. We’re experienced and we can help you find the right marketing strategy to benefit your growing business!


Visiting the High Country? Let us be your guide! We’ve got a list of the best accommodations, attractions, restaurants and events the High Country has to offer. You’ll have such a great time, you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave!

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And we spend a lot of time to make sure you can too.  Comeback often to discover new insights into popular events and business, little-known treasures, and to get some great deals.  We are constantly working towards helping you make the most of your time out in the community.  Thanks for stopping by.